I saw an article in the KC star last year about Straw Bale Gardening that piqued my interest.  SBG is kind of like container gardening.  The straw bale serves as the container and the growing medium.

A few of the. advantages:

  • No tilling, cultivating or weeding
  • Raised Planting is easy on the back
  • Prevents disease and insect issues
Straw Bale Garden

My Straw Bale Garden

I bought a book on SBG and thought it was worth a try.  A coupe of weeks ago, I planted mine. I planted tomato and pepper plants and seeds for lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe and watermelon.  I am anxious to see how this works!

I already found out that I made one mistake.  My bales were sold to me as straw, but included wheat seed heads. So, while SBG is touted as weed free, mine is starting to look like a chia-pet with the fine wheat sprouting.  So, I have been pulling up the wheat sprouts, but it is pretty easy as the planting bed stays moist and soft and I can sit on my garden cart to pull them—actually a pretty relaxing way to spend a few minutes.

The tomato and pepper plants look healthy and I am seeing a few of the seeds starting to sprout.

Update May 25:

Peppers and tomatoes are visible.  I plan to start harvesting a bit of lettuce next week.  I also planted more carrots and lettuce.

My salad garden




2 thoughts on “Straw Bale Garden

    • According to the book, you can sometimes use them a second year if they haven’t completely broken down, or if you didn’t plant root vegetables that require you to break them apart to harvest. They eventually break down into compost, which you can use elsewhere in your yard or garden to enhance the soil.


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