Blackberry Smoothie

Blackberry Smoothie

2 cups frozen blackberries
2 Tablespoons Splenda or equivalent sweetener (adjust to taste)
1 cup lowfat milk

This recipe is just the right size for those “bullet” blenders that blend 1 drink serving at a time. You don’t really need measuring cups or spoons, but I included the amounts in case you are using a regular blender.

Fill the blender jar to the “max” line with frozen berries. Sprinkle Spenda or other sweetner over the berries. Add milk to fill the jar with liquid to the “max” level. Blend until smooth & consistent color. If the blender gets “stuck”, take the jar out, invert it and rap the palm of your hand against the top of the jar to shake the mix down from the blades, then resume blending.

224 calories


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