Veggie Skewer on the Grill

Veggie Skewer on the Grill


1 small squash
1/2 medium onion
1 medium to large tomato
1/2 bell pepper
4 button mushrooms
Butter or butter spray (like Pam)
Pepper (optional)
Mrs Dash (optional)
Clean the vegetables and cut them in chunks. Put them on the skewer, alternating the types of vegetables. Onion chunks at either end work well to keep the other vegetables from falling off. Keep in mind that the tomato cooks fastest, then the squash, then the onions and the peppers. For this reason, you may want to put the onions and peppered on separate skewers than the tomatoes, squash and mushrooms.

Spray each skewer with butter spray, or brush with melted butter. Place on a hot grill. Add salt, pepper and Mrs Dash to taste. Turn the skewer after approximately 5 minutes (will vary depending on how hot your grill is). After turning, apply butter to the top side of skewer. Continue turning as needed until veggies are starting to brown and soften.

1-2 skewers per serving.


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