I have a shelf full of recipe books and all the recipes from the Internet, so why do I need a recipe box? My recipe box is a bit of a throwback. In fact up to a couple of years ago, it was a harvest gold plastic box. My son gave me a nice handmade wooden one to replace it.

I am not actually much of a cook, yet I manage to get us fed, often ad-hoc from ingredients on hand. The recipes in my recipe box include my “go-to” recipes–the standard foods that I make for family dinners, special dishes that I have only made once or twice that turned out well and a few things that I want to make but haven’t yet. When I find a recipe in one of my books or on the Internet that I really like, it usually ends up in the box. Sometimes the ad-hoc dishes also make the box. I always try to note any variations that I used when I made a recipe so I can reproduce or improve it the next time.

“A” is only Apple recipes. “B” is for Berries (blue and black) plus my mom’s Banana pudding recipe straight from the back of the ‘Nilla Wafers box. “C” is a treasure trove of chocolate, cookies and cakes including Aunt Sarah’s Red Velvet Cake. 75% of my recipes are filed under “A”, “B” and “C” because so many of them are a way to deal with the over abundance of seasonal fruits (blackberries and blueberries) that I grow or have grown (apples).

Recipe boxes are probably on their way to obsolescence, but since I have one, I am trying to make sure I include all my family’s favorite dishes, so that when I pass the box on to my descendants, they will be able to make these special dishes for their families. I am also putting my recipes on my blog as I make some of them (or find new ones). Whether you keep them in a box, a book or blog, I hope you will save your special recipes too.


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